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Legend of Zelda Spiritual Stones Set GIVEAWAY!!

Hey everyone! In the excitement of finally having these finished, I’m doing a giveaway for a full set of these lovely resin-cast pendants!  One lucky reblogger will have these three mailed to them - and you can have them as necklaces, as keychains, or without any mounting screws (decorative pieces)!

They’re available for sale at our Etsy Shop, as well!


  • Reblog this to enter! But only once!
  • Likes/follows don’t count.
  • Giveaway ends Tuesday, July 31 at 7pm EST!
  • Winner will be announced/contacted by the following Friday



It doesn’t matter what I want anymore, it doesn’t matter what anyone else wants. What matters is what you want and what is going to make you happy. So don’t ask me, because in the end, it’s what makes YOU happy. Believe me, it’s a win-win situation. Don’t think it’s selfish, because I would actually get something out of it, and that’s the joy of knowing you’re happy, which is all I want.

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